Innocence Undone

An irresistible beauty with a turbulent past …
A passionate lord with an elegant future …
A longed-for love that burns for all eternity …


Jessica Fox wasn’t always the beautiful, composed young woman who is the toast of the London ton. Born in poverty, Jessica wandered the streets until fate found her a guardian in the aging Marquess of Belmore. Now, it is fate she tempts with her longing for the Marquess’s son, the arrogant and handsome Captain Matthew Seaton.

Upon his return from the sea, Matthew is forced to confront the sensuous beauty he believes has set her sights on the Belmore title. Though his mind tells him to beware, his blood boils with the thoughts of luring her into his bed. To win his love, Jessica will do anything. But when desire flames and the dark shadow of her childhood lengthens, she risks everything she has dreamed of in a dangerous dance of denial.”

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Excerpt From Innocence Undone

He found her in her makeshift school room. In her bright yellow dress, the sunlight shining on her golden hair, she was the loveliest woman he had ever seen. He tried to control the stirring in his blood, the way it began to thicken and settle lower down. Two years at sea had taken its toll. His nights with the redhead in Portsmouth hadn’t been nearly enough. Or perhaps it was simply Jessie Fox.

“I don’t suppose you approve of this.” Teaching lower class children to read. “Most of your kind does not.”

Her breasts rose and fell with her agitation, shaping them into soft hills above the top of her dress. He wanted to reach out and cup them.

“My kind?” he repeated. “You mean the aristocracy, Miss Fox?” Whatever she was, whatever she had been, Jessica Fox was a beautiful, sensuous woman. Unwelcome as the notion was, Matt wanted her in his bed. “You didn’t approve when your father helped me.” “No…I don’t suppose I did.” His mouth curved faintly. “Perhaps I was too busy dodging rotten fruit, or trying to keep you from stealing the coin in my purse.”

“Or perhaps you were too busy with the girls in the rooms abovestairs at the inn.” He arched a brow. “I’m surprised you knew about that. You were only a child back then.” His hand came up to her cheek. He ran a thumb along her jaw. “I-I have to be getting back.” “Not yet. Not for a few more moments.” “But I–” “Do you know how lovely you are?” She trembled as he tilted her face up for his kiss. “Who would have suspected…” His mouth came down over hers, claiming the softness, testing the full, warm curves. He teased the seam between her lips, coaxing her to open for him, and felt her bottom lip quiver. Her palms pressed against his chest, hesitant, uncertain, perhaps even a little bit frightened. Matt deepened the kiss and Jessie swayed against him, making a soft little mew in her throat. Her legs seemed to weaken and she clutched his neck to hold herself up. Bloody hell–he couldn’t deny the truth a moment more. The girl was no whore. She was an innocent–a babe in the woods who’d most likely never been kissed. He muttered a curse as he set her away, his body hard and throbbing. “M-Matthew?” She raised a shaky hand to her lips. “You-You kissed me.” He almost smiled. She was lucky that was all he had done. It had been all could do not to push her down on the desk and take her right there in her makeshift school room. You have my humble apologies, Miss Fox. I should not have taken such liberties.” She straightened, the dazed look fading from her face. Perhaps she had heard the insincerity in his voice. He wasn’t sorry at all.


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Book Details


  • Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks (July 29, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1250041422
  • ISBN-13: 978-1250041425
  • Product Dimensions: 4.1 x 1 x 6.8 inches

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