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Kat Martin — New York Times bestselling author


Book Title Genre Date Published ISBN#
The Deception Romantic Suspense Sep-2019 978-1335007698
Shadows at Dawn Romantic Suspense Aug-2019 ASIN: B07Q43F8KZ
The Conspiracy Romantic Suspense Feb-2019 978-1335541895
After the Sunrise Romantic Suspense Dec-2019 ASIN: B07L3B1F8C
Wait Until Dark Romantic Suspense Nov-2019 ASIN: B07D7XR8P2
Beyond Control Romantic Suspense Jun-2018 978-1420143195
Beyond Danger Romantic Suspense Feb-2018 978-1420143171
Beyond Reason Romantic Suspense Jun-2017 978-1420143157
Into the Firestorm Romantic Suspense Feb-2017 978-1420139044
Into the Whirlwind Romantic Suspense Jun-2016 978-1420139020
Into the Fury Romantic Suspense Feb-2016 978-1420139006
Against the Tide Romantic Suspense Jun-2015 978-1420133868
Against the Sky Romantic Suspense Feb-2015 978-1420133844
Against the Wild Romantic Suspense Jun-2014 978-1420133820
Against the Mark Romantic Suspense Sep-2013 978-0778314677
Against the Edge Romantic Suspense May-2013 978-0778314431
Against the Odds Romantic Suspense Dec-2012 978-0778314226
Against the Sun Romantic Suspense Jun-2012 978-0778313502
Against the Night Romantic Suspense Mar-2012 978-0778313199
Against the Storm Romantic Suspense Nov-2011 978-0778312925
Against the Law Romantic Suspense Mar-2011 978-0778329404
Against the Fire Romantic Suspense Feb-2011 978-0778329305
Against the Wind Romantic Suspense Jan-2011 978-0778329190
A Song for My Mother Contemporary Dec-2011 978-1593156787
The Christmas Clock Contemporary Oct-2010 978-1593155933
Rule’s Bride Historical Romance May-2010 9780778327745
Reese’s Bride Historical Romance Jan-2010 978-0778327448
Royal’s Bride Historical Romance Sep-2009 978-0778326427
Heart of Courage Historical Romance Jan-2009 0-7783-2609-8
Heart of Fire Historical Romance Jan-2008 0-7783-2452-2
Heart of Honor Historical Romance Jan-2007 0-7783-2383-9
Season of Strangers Paranormal Romance Jun-2008 0-7783-2554-3
The Summit Romantic Suspense Jul-2007 0-7783-2470-6
Scent of Roses Romantic Suspense Jul-2006 0-7783-2326-9
The Handmaiden’s Necklace Historical Romance Jan-2006 0-7783-2207-6
The Devil’s Necklace Historical Romance Aug-2005 0-7783-2199-1
The Bride’s Necklace Historical Romance Jan-2005 0-7783-2125-8
Deep Blue Romantic Suspense Apr-2005 0-8217-7382-8
Desert Heat Romantic Suspense May-2004 0-8217-7381-X
Midnight Sun Romantic Suspense May-2003 0-8217-7380-1
Secret Ways Historical Romance Apr-2003 0-7434-1917-0
Fanning the Flame Historical Romance Aug-2002 0-7434-1916-2
Hot Rain Romantic Suspense May-2002 0-8217-6935-9
The Fire Inside Historical Romance Jan-2002 0-7434-1915-4
Heartless Historical Romance May-2001 0-312-97944-4
The Secret Romantic Suspense Mar-2001 0-8217-6798-4
Perfect Sin Historical Romance Oct-2000 0-312-97564-3
Five Gold Rings Historical Romance Oct-2000 0-8217-7062-4
The Dream Romantic Suspense Apr-2000 0-8217-7062-4
Silk and Steel Historical Romance Jan-2000 0-312-97281-4
The Silent Rose Romantic Suspense Aug-1999 0-8217-6281-8
Night Secrets Historical Romance May-1999 0-312-97002-1
Wicked Promise Historical Romance Oct-1998 0-312-96640-7
Dangerous Passions Historical Romance Feb-1998 0-312-96247-9
Tis the Season (Anthology) Historical Romance Oct-1997 0-8217-5781-4
Nothing But Velvet Historical Romance Jul-1997 0-312-96243-6
Innocence Undone Historical Romance Jan-1997 0-312-96089-1
Midnight Rider Historical Romance Mar-1996 0-312-95774-2
Devil’s Prize Historical Romance Jun-1995 0-312-95478-6
Bold Angel Historical Romance Sep-1994 0-312-95303-8
Natchez Flame Historical Romance Feb-1994 0-440-20805-X
Sweet Vengeance Historical Romance Sep-1993 0-312-95095-0
Savannah Heat Historical Romance Feb-1993 0-440-20804-1
Gypsy Lord Historical Romance Sep-1992 0-312-92878-5
Creole Fires Historical Romance Feb-1992 0-440-20803-3
Lover’s Gold Historical Romance May-1991 1-55773-505-0
Captain’s Bride Historical Romance Sep-1990 1-55773-382-1
Tin Angel Historical Romance Nov-1989 0-380-75735-4
Dueling Hearts Historical Romance Mar-1989 0-517-00933-1
Magnificent Passage Historical Romance Jul-1988 0-517-00620-0

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