Perfect Sin

Perfect plan…

He was the ultimate rake.

But Randall Clayton, seventh Duke of Beldon, harbors a hidden motive for seducing the fiery-haired, passionate Caitlin Harmon. Rand is on a mission to find a murderer…and it’s leading straight to Caitlin’s father.

Perfect Seduction…

She was the ultimate temptation.

Cait Harmon, the feisty, intellectual daughter of an American adventurer, is certain she will never fall in love. But one dance with the powerful, compelling Duke of Beldon, and Cait’s heart is lost forever.

Perfect Sin…

Theirs was the ultimate love.

They were the talk of London, until passion and betrayal tore them apart. Now Rand must embark on the quest of a lifetime: proving to Caitlin that love is the most powerful treasure of all.

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Excerpt From Perfect Sin

“Better, Caitlin?” Geoffrey’s pale, thin fingers worked the aching muscles in her shoulders and Cait gave up a sigh of relief.
“Much better. You’ve a valuable talent, Geoffrey.”

A familiar deep voice boomed in from the doorway. “An extremely valuable talent,” Rand drawled, anger dripping from every word.

Geoffrey’s hands fell away and Cait spun toward the doorway.

“Rand…I-I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Obviously not.” A look of fury darkened his brown eyesnearly to black, and she remembered the night she had been with Geoffrey at the opera. Well, she hadn’t done anything wrong that night and she wasn’t doing anything wrong today. She straightened and came to her feet.

“Lord Geoffrey was merely being kind. I’ve been working in this icy basement for hours. My entire body is stiff and ore.” She flashed a tight smile at Geoffrey. “I appreciate your help, my lord.”

Rand strode toward her. “As you said, I’m sure Lord Geoffrey is quite talented.”

Cait ignored a ridiculous urge to run. “Yes, he is.”

“I might suggest, however, that his talent would be better used on someone else.” Rand stopped directly in front of her, his warning more than clear. “And since you have been working so long, I think it is time for you to you quit.”

She glanced at the heavy Roman manuscripts on the table, work she was doing for her father. “I can’t quit yet. I have more translations to finish. I have yet to–”

“Whatever you have to do, it can wait until later.” Gripping her arm, he hauled her toward the door. “If you will excuse us, Lord Geoffrey.”

To Geoffrey’s credit, he placed himself in front of them, intent on blocking their way. It was a brave thing to do,considering the ferocious expression on Rand’s face.

“I don’t believe Miss Harmon is ready to leave.”

Rand’s hard gaze pinned Geoffrey where he stood. “Is that so?”

The younger man’s face went pale and Caitlin suddenly felt sorry for him. She forced herself to smile. “His Grace is right, my lord. I’ve worked far too long for one day. Thank you for stopping by. It was very kind–”

Rand propelled her out the door before she could finish and didn’t stop until they had reached his carriage. He lifted her up and settled her inside, climbed in and slammed the door.

Cait’s temper, already near the edge, shot up a dangerous notch. “What in heaven’s name do you think you’re doing? You may be a duke, Rand Clayton, but you don’t own me. I’m not one of your simpering women, bound to do exactly as you command.”

A muscle jerked in his cheek. “And I am not some besotted young pup like Geoffrey St. Anthony. I won’t stand quietly by while you throw yourself at another man.”

Fury made the world turn red. “Throw myself? Throw myself! Let me out of here this instant. I refuse to listen to another word!” Though the coach was already moving, she lunged for the door.

Rand swore as he caught her, dragging her hard against his chest. “You little fool. Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

At the moment, she was far too angry to care. “Geoffrey St. Anthony had only just walked in. He saw how tired I was and–as a friend–was merely trying to be helpful.”

Rand’s burning gaze moved over her, pausing for an instant on her breasts, making them tighten beneath her muslin gown. “You want that sort of help, Cait? I’m more than willing to see you get it.” He caught her face between his hands and his mouth crashed down over hers.

For a single stunned instant, she was too surprised to move. Then she started to struggle, determined not to submit to his anger. Rand pinned her against his chest, holding her easily, and the taste of him, the heat of his powerful body, the sensuous movement of lips over hers, slowly eroded her struggles.

Hot, hard kisses left her breathless. Wet, hungry kisses turned her insides to mush. His tongue slid into her mouth again and again, demanding she give in to his will. Heat sank into her belly and her body began to quiver like the string of a tightly drawn bow.

She barely noticed when he lifted her up and settled her on his lap, arranging her so she straddled his thighs. It only faintly occurred that the curtains were drawn and that what he meant to do was highly improper.

The shocking truth was, Cait no longer cared.


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Book Details


  • Mass Market Paperback: 339 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks (January 5, 2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0312998872
  • ISBN-13: 978-0312998875
  • Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 1 x 6.8 inches

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